Fund for bilateral relations

Fund for bilateral relations

The overall objective of the Fund for Bilateral Relations (hereinafter: FBR) is to strengthen bilateral relations between the Donor States – Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein – and Hungary. The aim is to increase the extent of cooperation between institutions and individuals, through formal partnerships or more ad hoc exchange and collaboration. The bilateral cooperation shall contribute to solve a particular issue through sharing experience, knowledge, know-how and technology.

These aims shall be reached by organizing and visiting joint events, conferences and study tours, preparing joint reports, studies, publications. Increased cooperation and joint initiatives bring people and institutions together and also improve the acceptance of cultures and the accessibility of knowledge for the wider public.

The strategy of the FBR was elaborated based on the following considerations:

  • to identify areas in which the Donor States have outstanding expertise, and cooperation can bring a significant added value;
  • to identify areas that are in line with national priorities;
  • to identify areas where partners have interest and capacity for cooperation;
  • to identify areas that can complement and strengthen what is supported at programme level.

In the frame of the FBR open call for proposals and predefined initiatives can be fulfilled. Each project shall be implemented in partnership. For being eligible to apply, each project promoter has to establish cooperation with one or more Donor State entity that the Project Promoter shall name in its application.

4 292 000 EUR (~1,545 billion HUF)

Fund Operator:
National Focal Point